Bukhara Logistic LLC provides transportation services for oversized, lengthy and heavy cargo on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan with trailers on hydraulic platforms.

The fleet of the transport company Bukhara Logistic LLC consists of truck tractors and semi-trailers of leading European brands.

The main areas of our services are:

- transportation of lengthy loads up to 34 m long;

- transportation of heavy cargo up to 120 tons;

- transportation of other oversized cargo;

- services for the overhaul and preparation of bridge structures and roads for the transport of oversized heavy cargo.

If you need to arrange the transportation of oversized, heavy or lengthy cargo across the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, then our transport company will be happy to help you organize this process. We work throughout Uzbekistan, Asia and Russia (there is a license for international transport).

You can get a free consultation by calling us on the phone or by filling out one of the forms on the website. Our manager will provide you with all the necessary information for arranging transportation of oversized cargo, calculate the approximate delivery time to the destination, and answer all your questions.

Upon receipt of an order from you, our logisticians, based on the characteristics of the transported cargo (dimensions, weight, etc.), will develop the most optimal route and select the appropriate transport, help with the preparation of the necessary permits and other supporting documents for the transportation of your cargo.

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